Finding My Craniofacial Tribe

I was born different. There’s no denying that. Maybe it’s not as noticeable now, but the truth is I wasn’t like all of my peers. Not completely anyways. I had appointments with reconstructive surgeons. I received copious amounts of stares out in public. And I knew the ins and outs of my local children’s hospital.… Continue reading Finding My Craniofacial Tribe


The House That Built Me

Today I said goodbye to the only Home I have ever known. About a year ago, my parents made the decision to build a house closer to where I live. I seemed to have been denial about this even though we consistently went to check on the progress when they visited. My parents would certainly… Continue reading The House That Built Me


How To Ask Me About My Unique Appearance

There are many reasons why I write: to tell my unfiltered story, to bond with others dealing with craniofacial differences, and to educate those who are not. I have always wished that strangers knew more about Treacher Collins syndrome so they could see me the way I see myself. I think people forget that I… Continue reading How To Ask Me About My Unique Appearance


Diary of a Beautiful Disaster Book Launch Recap

Monday, March 27th was a dream come true. It’s when I officially celebrated the launch of Diary of a Beautiful Disaster with the world. (OK, maybe the world is a bit exaggerated, but at least with my friends and family.) I’ve never been a huge enthusiast of public speaking. I don’t mind it. I don’t… Continue reading Diary of a Beautiful Disaster Book Launch Recap